How do you define your audience?


Depending on your business, the audience that you should be targeting might not be your actual customers. It could be the people who influence the purchasing behaviors of your customers. And your audience pool may not be as big as you think.  For small businesses, it is prudent to focus on the people that will provide you with the most value for your investment in your marketing communications.  There are several data points that you should take into consideration when defining your audience:

  • Geography – do you have a physical location that relies on walk-in traffic or an internet storefront that can sell to anyone?
  • Demographics – is your product or service intended for a specific age-range of individual? Or for males vs females?
  • Cost – are your products high-end or priced for the average consumer?
  • Psychographics – do your products cater to individuals with certain purchasing behaviors or lifestyles?

So…how have you defined your audience?


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