They say you get what you pay for, which is just as true in marketing as in any other industry. When considering the cost of marketing services, you may wonder what you are paying for. Here are some of the things you may (or may not) know go into how marketers price their services.


This is probably the most obvious cost. You are paying for my advanced education and 15+ years of experience in the area of product and content marketing. I have experience across multiple industries and have a vast array of skills that I bring to every project. This also includes ongoing education, such as training and conferences, so that I can bring the latest in the marketing industry to my clients. 

Software and Hardware

Much like your business, I use tools to run my business (and sometimes my client’s marketing). This includes hardware like a laptop, printer, and smartphone. It also includes software, such as CRM, social media management, project management, and word processing platforms.


While I may not have the cost of office space, I do have costs associated with where I work. Most times that is in my home office (which requires wifi, heat, electricity, etc), and sometimes I use coworking spaces to be closer to clients. 

Professional Organizations

While no professional certifications are required, there are professional organizations that I pay to belong to in order to keep up with the trends in marketing and network with other marketing professionals. 

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